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Tips For Expectant Pregnant Moms

If you are an expectant mother, chances are you have a long list of questions and concerns. To get you started in the right direction, we have gathered some helpful tips that will answer many of your questions and make your time as an expectant mother less stressful. After all, you want to enjoy your pregnancy and the new life being created.

  • Well-Wishers – First, well-wishing friends and family members are going to be more than eager to provide advice for all types of things such as breastfeeding while pregnant if you already have another baby, the best types of diapers, when to start feeding solid foods, and so on. While some of the information would be helpful, it is important that you conduct your own research and listen to your doctor so you have the most current information available.
  • Proper Diet – The majority of expectant mothers have one complaint after giving birth – they wish they had paid more attention to diet. In addition to eating foods rich in vitamins A, B6, B12, C, and D, as well as folic acid, calcium, and iron, it would be important to watch your calorie intake. Your doctor would advise the number of calories for you and your pregnancy for proper nutrition but you also want to be careful not to pack on unwanted pounds.
  • Exercise – As an expecting mother, exercise during the pregnancy is important. Unless your doctor instructs otherwise, there is no reason you cannot exercise up until time to deliver. Exercise will keep you fit and your weight down but also strengthen the body, which makes delivery easier. The best types of exercises include walking, swimming, and yoga.
  • Support System – It would be helpful to have friends also pregnant. That way, you have a good support system of women who understand how you feel. Then, if you have another baby and are breastfeeding while pregnant, a group of women in the same situation would certainly make the pregnancy more enjoyable.
  • Intimacy – Many expectant mothers think that once they become pregnant, intimacy with their partner is not allowed. The truth is that with the fetus being protected by the uterus filled with amniotic fluid, intercourse is fine. Often, a woman will feel unattractive because of her changing body so men need to appreciate and embrace the changes so women want to be intimate.
  • Lamaze Classes – Unfortunately, some expecting mothers pass on Lamaze classes but these serve important purposes. For one thing, you would learn coping tools to get through the pregnancy and any unexpected complications. Additionally, Lamaze classes are a great way for couples to meet other expecting couples, which helps build a support system and often, lifelong friendships.
  • Travel – Being an expectant mother, you may have concerns about traveling. Unless you are told otherwise by your doctor, there is no reason you cannot travel. However, you want to follow some specific guidelines. As an example, when in a car always buckle up. If you fly, choose a seat in the front so you could put your feet up to reduce swelling. Sometimes doctors do not want expecting mothers to fly after the second trimester so this would need to be discussed prior to flying.
  • Work – Finally, if you work a job that is not too strenuous or one that would not put you at risk for accidental falls, you would likely have no problem working up to the time of delivery. Of course, as an expectant mother, you will become more uncomfortable the further into the pregnancy you go, which includes swelling of the feet and hands. Because of this, some expecting mothers stop working four to six weeks prior to giving birth.

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